When new members join MAC they automatically receive a free vest in club colours, but replacements can be bought from the Club Shop.

Club Shop

Kit can be bought directly from Kurki – see the Club Shop page for more detail.

Kit Refuge

Do you have any kit that you no longer use? If the answer is yes the club have set up a Kit Refuge. This allows people to hand in any kit no longer needed or outgrown, whilst allowing other members to acquire some kit they may be needing. In return we ask new “owners” to make a discretionary donation to the club.

With immediate effect any unwanted kit can be handed in to Wendy Hall on a Wednesday night or Jill Logan on a Tuesday and Thursday night. If we have something you would like please email

Items in the refuge can be viewed here.

We hope that you will see the obvious benefits of recycling outgrown kit and that you will support us in the new scheme by handing in unwanted items rather than disposing them.