Welfare & Management

Club welfare

This section of the website contains details of welfare policies and links to download relevant forms and documents.

Medicine Checking/Registration (including Inhalers)

If you are prescribed medicine you may need to register it. The UK Athletics website gives advice on checking prescribed medicine and a decision tree to help in registering prescribed medicine.

Medicines can be checked on Global DRO.

More information can be found on the UK Athletics Clean Athletics section.

Documents and forms

Code of Conduct for coaches Welfare and Childcare Policy
Code of Conduct for over-18s Accident Report
Code of Conduct for under-18s Child Protection Referral
Code of Conduct for parents/carers Inhaler Registration Form
Social Media Guidance For Coaches/Volunteers Self Declaration
MAC Photo Policy Volunteer Application
UKA Photographic Policy for Stadiums and Clubs (2017) Welfare Incident Report
Photography Consent Form Scottish Athletics Child Safety Flowchart

Club Management

See the Full Committee List for profiles of all office bearers and committee members.

Office-bearers 2018/19

Position Name Email Address Telephone Number
Chair Tracey Lamont chair@motherwellac.com OR traceylamont@motherwellac.com
Secretary Barbera Hogg secretary@motherwellac.com OR babs@motherwellac.com
Minute Secretary Elaine Jamieson elainejamieson@motherwellac.com
Treasurer Jim Smith treasurer@motherwellac.com OR jimsmith@motherwellac.com
Welfare Officer Pauline Russell welfare@motherwellac.com OR pauline.russell@motherwellac.com
Welfare Officer Ross Thomson welfare@motherwellac.com OR ross.thomson@motherwellac.com



Position Name Email Address Telephone Number
T&F Rep Bob McCrum abcdmccrum@aol.com
Senior Endurance Representative /

Communications Manager

Jim White comms@motherwellac.com OR jimwhite@motherwellac.com
Coaches Representative Brian McLinden brianmclinden@motherwellac.com
Committee Member /
John McParland webmaster@motherwellac.com

Minutes of meetings