Cross Country Championship 2016-17

Cross Country Championship 2016-17

Rules and Races

The Cross-Country Championship consists of a series nominated races at which points are scored according to finishing times.  Only the three highest scores shall count towards your total.

Five bonus points are awarded for participation in West District Relays and Scottish National Relays, and 3 bonus points are awarded in addition to race points for participation in the Scottish Nationals.

There are separate male and female championships.

Date Race
8 October 2016 West District XC Relays, Birkmyre Park (5 bonus points)
22 October 2016 Scottish National XC Relays, Cumbernauld (5 bonus points)
5 November 2016 National 4K XC Championships, King George V Playing Fields
19 November 2016 Lanarkshire AAA Cross Country
4 December 2016 West Districts XC Championships, Ayr
25 February 2017 Scottish National XC, Callendar Park, Falkirk (3 bonus points)

Cross Country Table 2016-17

Recent Results

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