Senior Endurance Training

Suggested Training Sessions for August  2020

Some suggested training sessions aimed at keeping athletes ticking over during current restrictions. The sessions can be completed whenever and wherever suits.  All sessions should include a 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down with stretching afterwards where possible.  Please follow the Scottish Athletics Virtual Safety & Code of Conduct –



W/C 3rd August:

Virtual Time Trial (31st July-4th August) – 4 mile Threshold Run.

20 x 40 seconds @ 5k pace, 1 minute easy jog recovery.


W/C 10th August:

Hill Session – 8 x 500m uphill, slow jog downhill recovery. (Similar to Bandstand Loops)

10 x 200m fast, 200m jog recovery in twice the time of the fast effort. For example: 40 seconds fast – 80 seconds recovery. (Tempo 2’s)


W/C 17th August:

MAC Virtual 5k Parkrun in a location of your choice – more details to follow on recording and publishing our results

10 x 300m @ 3k pace, 100m easy jog recovery.


W/C 24th August:

10k Tempo Run @ ½ marathon pace.

10 x 400m @ 3k pace, 200m easy jog recovery.


W/C 31ST August:

Virtual Time Trial (28th August-1st September) – 4 mile Threshold Run.

10 x 500m @ 5k pace, 1 minute static recovery.